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Zach Fenlon


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Born and raised in Montreal, Zach has spent most of his life acting. Starting at a young age, he put on plays at every school he attended. After high school, he studied theatre at John Abbott college, being one of the only first year students to get cast in “Welcome to Thebes”. He later, was cast as a lead role in his last John Abbott production “Dark of the Moon”. He’s studied with several acting coaches over the years, learning how to perform for the stage and for the camera.

Special Interests / Skills:

  • Performance Skills: Breakdance, ballroom, hip hop, jazz, salsa, swing, drums, improvisation, juggler, mime, modeling, trumpet, ukulele, vocal range soprano, tenor.
  • Accents: Australian, British, Boston, Canadian, French, French-Canadian, German, Irish, Italian, Jamaican, Jewish/Yiddish, New York, Southern, Swedish, Texan.
  • Athletic Skills: Baseball, basketball, unicycling, mountain biking, diving, football, rock climbing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, soccer,  swimming, waterskiing.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements:

  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight:140 lbs
  • Eyes:  Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Hair Length: Short

Union(s): Non-union

Tagged for: Acting, Film, Television, Voice

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